Customer Service

Exchange and cancellation policy


Before proceeding: purchases, exchanges, cancellations, returns or others we recommend reading the topics below.
Contacts with Benessere Import:
Phone: (407) 704 3519
E-mail: [email protected]


Descriptions and technical data sheets
Purchasing documents
Exchange or Replenishment
Product Conference
Refusal of products
Reason for Refusal
Refusal / Contacts

- Customers should be aware of
- Always save, for future contacts
- Will be analyzed conditions of packaging and products
- Check products x documentation
- To report any non-conformities
- Enter the reason
- Phone: (407) 704 3519
- E-mail: [email protected]
- Benessere Import is fully responsible for the integrity of the products to their final destination.


 Any and all returns will strictly comply with the laws of the United States and the country of origin of the buyers.

 Involuntary return of the Post Office:
 Invalid address = cost of resend on customer's account
 Unknown recipient = cost of resubmit on account of client

 Received the product:
 In repentance or nonconformity - 7 (seven) consecutive days for contact always informing the reasons, to our call center:
 Phone: (407) 704 3519
 E-mail: [email protected]
 Shipping to Benessere - 5 working days after communication.
In the act of communication the Client must inform the means of compensation sought:


Card, PayPal
- in cash or products in full
- in cash except freight
- reimbursement 5 (five) days after compensation
- After conferencing the returned product
- Refund only to the actual buyer


1. Any acquisition of the exterior can be taxed upon entering the country of destination;

2. In the event of taxation, the body responsible for transportation (CORREIOS, UPS, USPS, FEDEX, DHL, ETC) shall inform the recipient,
informing the situation and address for collection of taxes and withdrawal of products;

3. The buyer must go to the address and body indicated, pay the corresponding taxes
and withdraw the goods purchased;